Flavortown Residents Are Coming To Terms With Guy Fieri’s Dramatic Weight Loss

For over 400 episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Guy Fieri has traveled around America eating the greasiest (and most delicious) food he can find. We’re talking burgers, deep-fried everything, and this gigantic cinnamon roll. Fieri’s metabolism ain’t what it once was, however, so in recent years, he’s prioritized his health — and smaller portions. The Mayor of Flavortown has lost 30 pounds over the last few years, as he revealed to Men’s Health.

“I think moderation is a real thing… I still eat what I want to eat. But I just don’t eat as much of it,” Fieri said. People has more:

The Food Network star shared that he has lost weight over the last four years by reducing food portions and hiring a personal trainer who suggested intermittent fasting… Fieri also began hitting the gym for rucking (walking with a weighted backpack, the Cleveland Clinic explains) and high-intensity interval training.

The Rage Against the Machine fan has also taken to cold plunges. “The thing about cold plunges is that you gotta get through the first 30 seconds,” he said. “When I started, I hated waiting on the timer to go off. But now I breathe and get into the right mind space… It gets me fired up. I do it every day.”

Fellow celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shared a photo that shows how much weight Fieri has lost. He’s gone from Cartman to Skinny Cartman.

Check out the reactions to the pic below.

(Via Men’s Health)