You Can Be The 3-Boobed Lady For Halloween Now With This Costume

Oh, you knew this was coming. On Monday, a woman who allegedly spent $20,000 to add a third boob to her chest took the internet by storm. By Tuesday, she was being asked by creepy reporters to lift up her shirt. Wednesday, she was exposed as a fraud.

Which brings us to the story’s natural conclusion: the Halloween costume portion of the spectacle. has beat everyone to the punch, coming up with a quick-and-easy way for anyone to turn their chest into a three-breasted disaster. It is… not subtle:

All you’ll need to complete the look is two pairs of the site’s “super drooper boobs” (overlap them in the middle for best results) and some bronzer to match the contraption to your skin tone. Cut some shiny pink fabric into a hastily-fashioned top, and voila: You’re a flash-in-the-pan internet meme.

(Via HalloweenCostumes; H/T Jessica Roy)