Here’s The Touching Way ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Are Honoring Alan Rickman

J.K. Rowling was “shocked and devastated” to hear of his death. Now Harry Potter fans are honoring the great Alan Rickman, who died of cancer at 69, by “raising their wands.” In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when (spoiler?) SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE, bereaved Hogwarts students point their wands to the sky as a sign of respect for their fallen headmaster.

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Most people don’t have a wand at their disposal (although you should never underestimate the devotion of a Harry Potter diehard… no pun intended), so they’re settling for showing their appreciation of Rickman on Twitter.

And by watching ABC Family/Freeform, where a Harry Potter movie marathon should start any second now. TBS should do the same thing with Galaxy Quest. If A Christmas Story can air for 24 hours, why not Galaxy Quest?