Henry Cavill Superbly Added To Ryan Reynolds’ Latest Round Of Trolling Over Superman’s Mustache Fallout

While the saga of Justice League director Zack Snyder’s so-called “Snyder Cut” continues, something that’s noticeably absent from Aquaman actor Jason Momoa and others’ constant praise is the controversy surrounding Henry Cavill’s poorly-removed mustache in Joss Whedon’s reshoots. Costly digital effects were used since the actor’s ongoing work on Mission: Impossible — Fallout removed the possibility of the inexpensive use of shaving cream, hot water, and a razor. As we all know, unfortunately, these presumably advanced tactics resulted in some very bad CGI.

And thanks to Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, no one will forget Cavill’s unnaturally puffy lips anytime soon thanks to the latest ad for his gin company. “Does drinking Aviation Gin make you feel like a superhero?” he asks in an Instagram video while donning what looks like some new facial hair. “I wouldn’t know.” After taking a swig of the stuff from a mug, though, an image of Reynolds’ non-mustachioed upper lip appears, awkwardly hovering above his mouth to cover the offending whiskers.

Realizing the bad special effect is clinging to his face, Reynolds attempts to swat it away and falls off-camera to the sound of crashing appliances. It’s a fun sight gag, to be sure, but what made it really special was the fact that it somehow caught Cavill’s attention. (He’s not tagged in the original video, though the Internet being what it is, it was probably sent to him by friends, family, and adoring fans.)

“Can’t CGI the pain away,” he wrote in the comments below the video. “Make mine a double.”

(Via Cinemablend)