Here's A City Made Out Of 100,000 Staples

08.16.12 7 years ago

Phew, turns out I’m not the only person obsessed with staple strips. I used to get in trouble for spending entire classes playing with staple strips I’d stolen from the teacher’s desk. Well, British artist Peter Root clearly likes ’em even more than I do — over the span of 40-hours he used 100,000 staples worth of staple strips to create a vast, miniature steel metropolis.

Hit the jump for pics of Mr. Root’s staple city as well as a video of him building it…


Mmmm, staple strips. Want to…fiddle with…staples…

Um, yeah, I’ve gotta go to Staples. To buy some staples. Staples, staples, staples. Bye.

via Design Taxi

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