Here’s The ‘Hilarious’ iPhone Cookie Prank That ‘Blew Up’ In A Comedian’s Face

12.12.13 5 years ago 17 Comments

Thanks to a lesbian waitress, a Bachelor producer with too much time on his hands and a fake Pace Foods Twitter account, it’s been a pretty bad month for people who want to believe everything that they read on the Internet. So forgive me if I take comedian Randy Liedtke’s iPhone cookie prank with a grain of salt. For those of you who might not have witnessed the joke go down on Liedtke’s Twitter, the comic decided to bake some cookies that looked like iPhones so he could drive around and pretend that he was talking on his phone, with the hopes that a cop would pull him over.

Yesterday, he decided to give it a whirl, and his followers began cheering him on, because, “Haha, f*ck the man!” or something like that. Unfortunately, while he thought that he got what he wanted, Liedtke ended up getting more than he bargained for. Or at least that’s what the guy who was behind the Pace prank wanted everyone to believe as he continues to build his name as a Twitter prankster.

But why? What’s the point of this? You know, if it’s “honestly” real. Is this some sort of radical test to prove that anti-texting and driving laws only waste the time and resources of police? Or is the purpose to prove what mean, ol’ jerks cops can be? Let’s explore further.

Yeah, what they said. Also, this is the Tweet that made me think, “Okay, this is just a joke about proving how stupid people are when they Tweet sh*t while they’re driving.” But I still don’t really know what’s going on.

Because if they won’t come to you, go to them.

Haha, okay.

YES! It totally looks like he’s in front of a cop car, bro!

Okay, let’s say for a second that this was all 100% legit, and this all really happened. I still don’t get what the punchline is. Is the joke that he was going to piss off a cop by pretending he had an iPhone? And I’m not ripping Randy here, as much as I’m trying to figure out why people thought this was so funny. Maybe that was the purpose of Randy’s prank, to point out that things that aren’t really funny can become huge viral sensations. Wow, I’m even more confused than I was when this started.

Was the cookie any good? What ingredients did he use? I’d put peanut butter chips in it as the touchscreen buttons.

So there you have it – Randy has a piece of paper and he’s standing in front of a police station. If this is a legitimate, honest attempt at a prank on the piggy-piggy-oink-oinks, I give it an F. If this was actually just another prank by a guy who just admitted that he pulled off a viral Twitter prank, then I give him a B+. After all, he got everyone from Gawker to Yahoo! to me to write about this, so what the hell do us suckers know?

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