Here’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Guaranteed Cure For Hiccups

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Hiccups are one of the most annoying things in the world behind someone chewing in your ear. Just thinking about the rare cases of people getting hiccups for months or years makes me want to roll in a ball, shake, and dream about puppies wearing funny hats. Thankfully, internet goddess Jennifer Lawrence has now provided the world with her surefire hiccup cure. From Variety:

Ever wonder what Jennifer Lawrence does when she gets the hiccups? This reporter just happened to be passing by the Hunger Games star at last night’s celebrity-packed Vanity Fair Cannes Film Festival party when Lawrence cried out, “Seriously, I need some water now.” Attentive Lionsgate handlers rushed to find her some, while Lawrence explained to her posse, “The only thing that ever works for getting rid of hiccups for me is when I drink water and raise my arms over my head and lower them very slowly.” She said this with her arms raised skyward, as if to brace everyone around her with a preview. Then she hiccuped.

“I have the water but I need a glass!” said one harried male Lionsgate handler, rushing toward Lawrence with an Evian glass bottle about a third of the way full.

“No glass, she’ll just chug it from the bottle,” said a woman from Lionsgate who seemed to be a JLaw authority.

But, where’d he get the water from?

The bottle passed from hand to hand through the crowd that had gathered out of concern, or perhaps out of curiosity to see if Lawrence is as good at getting rid of hiccups as she is at everything else. The bottle finally landed in the hands of Josh Hutcherson (Peeta!), who’d been standing in front of Lawrence and knew what to do. He raised the bottle to her lips. Lawrence put her arms up straight, and the ritual began.

“The bottle passed from hand to hand through the crowd that had gathered out of concern.” She had hiccups, so everyone can chill out. But did the ritual work?

When Lawrence said she had to lower her arms very slowly, she meant it. I got nervous staring at her, so I looked away, and looked back three times, and she’d barely lowered them past her shoulders. Hutcherson was there for her, pouring water down her gullet, through the whole possibly two minute affair. She drained the bottle and her arms finally reached her sides. Hutcherson put the bottle down and looked up at Lawrence, who, too, seemed to anticipate that each new breath would bring a hiccup anew. A minute more passed. She and Hutcherson locked eyes and hugged. They’d beaten it.

Phew. Set Defcon from 1 to 4 because a crisis was averted. Next time I have hiccups, I will have to try her method of curing it. My ritual now is to just hold my breath, exhale, hiccup, and then swear really loudly. Doesn’t work that well when grocery shopping.

(Via Variety)

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