Here Are The Best Yelp Reviews For Big Earl’s Bait House and Country Store That ‘Doesn’t Serve F*gs’

Big Earl’s Bait House and Country Store in Pittsburgh, Texas came under fire earlier this week when one of their waitresses, who just happens to be owner Earl Cheney’s daughter, told a same sex couple “we don’t serve f*gs.” The couple were allegedly “touching legs,” which violates Big Earl’s Bait House and Country Store’s strict policy requiring “men to act like men and women to act like ladies.”

When reached out to by KLTV 7 reached out to Cheyney, he staunchly defended his right to be on the wrong side of history, claiming:

“She’s a young lady, didn’t know what else to say, and they just kept on and she finally said we just don’t like fags,” he explained.

“You’re welcome to come and eat, but a man act like a man and a woman act like a woman. Dress appropriately and act appropriately when you’re in a public place.”

We asked him what a man should act like and what a woman should act like. He responded, “The same thing it says. That a man’s supposed to stand up and be a leader. He’s not supposed to be a woman. He’s not supposed to come in here in a dress.”

This guy is literally a character from an obscure Kids in the Hall sketch that I can’t seem to find online (somebody back me up here?) but that’s besides the point. If Amy’s Baking Company has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t be a restaurant owner and be a dick, because you will get slaughtered on social media and Yelp. And slaughtered, they got.

So with that, here are some of the best Yelp reactions to Big Earl’s Bait House and Country Store.


The food is whatever but the SCENE is simply TO-DIE. They don’t call it “Big” Earls for nothin (amiright?).

Lady-boys and boy-ladies acting so gender non-specific you’ll think you’ve died and gone to HEAVEN (New York City’s hottest boy party from the 90’s) Pittsburg, TX just got a whole lot Cher’ier and I for one can’t help but squeal with delight. Squeal, squeal, squeal, squeal, squeal!

Do yourself (and the lovely owners) a favor and get your bedazzled bottoms in this place ASAP!

Happy Cruising Girls!

It’s true, his mustache is pretty gay:

Well, the food isn’t all that good, but this is still the best gay cruiser joint in Texas! I’ve picked up several dates there. All are very handsome, very gay men. I hear the owner offers discounts to men in chaps.

The biggest bonus is that Big Earl has one of the GAYEST mustaches ever! So, so much hot man action!!! Oh what I’d give to meet that man at the Big Earl’s bathroom glory hole!

After living in Texas my whole life I sure did think East Texas was too plain and boring for myself and my fellow lesbians. But when I found Big Earl’s, boy were we excited. The men are fabulous and the women aren’t bad themselves;) This seems like the place to be if you swing the right way. But even if you don’t, and your a little Bi-curious (which is what the waitress seems to be) come on down for a fun night! Don’t forget your bedazzled shorts, they have contests!

The food sucks though.

Stopped here on my way out of town for Gay Pride! The food was awful, but the service was even worse… We were told to leave immediately because… Well… We weren’t manly enough…

Big Earl’s Bait House- “Where the Men are Men, and the Sheep are Sore”

Big Gay Earl is super, thanks for asking.  All things considered he couldn’t be better he must say.  He’s feeling super no, nothing bugs him.  Everything is super when you’re, don’t you think he looks cute in that hat?

There’s nothing in the bible that condones bigotry.  Quit giving Christians AND Texans a bad name.

Big Earl’s Bait stocks the biggest worms in Texas. I mean their night crawlers are HUGE and are always gobbled up around owner’s daughter’s favorite glory hole. When asked, she said she’d personally tried most every worm in town, and her dad has the best.

Stopped in here for a bite.  DIRTY.  Waitress was an obvious meth addict.  Big Earl was a bitter old queen.  Just mean.  I wouldn’t bring my dog to this place.  EVER.

This place gave me cancer

Earl, you straight up got trolled.

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