Here’s The Sequel To Last Year’s Adorable Budweiser Super Bowl Puppy Commercial

It’s probably for the best that GoDaddy pulled their not particularly tasteful spoof of last year’s Super Bowl Budweiser commercial “Puppy Love,” because Budweiser also had the above follow up to last year’s commercial in the works and yikes, that would have just been awkward. Like, showing up to the party in the same dress awkward, only one of the dresses was a cheap knockoff and was also purchased with the money used to sell a puppy on the internet.

In the sequel to “Puppy Love,” Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” features the same puppy — who has somehow miraculously not aged in an entire year — but this time has him accidentally getting into the back of the horse trailer with his #BestBud, then getting himself lost, and having to Incredible Journey his way back home.

The whole thing is set to a super sappy version of The Proclaimers “I Would Walk 500 Miles” and I guess it accomplished exactly what it set out to, because STUPID BEER COMMERCIAL MADE ME CRY. The only way I could possibly console myself at this point would be with an ice cold Budweiser beer.

Here’s the original, in case you somehow missed it: