Behold What The Insane Clown Posse Now Look Like Without Their Makeup On

Our very own Vince Mancini is currently hatchet’ing it up at the Gathering of the Juggalos, and his Faygo-soaked sanity is beginning to snap. Just check out his Twitter, which has gone from “This is easily the best decision we’ve ever made” a few days ago to last night’s “I think we’ve started to melt down. Breaking with reality.”

Apocalypse WOOP WOOP.

Hopefully he and his Frotcast friends will return soon, with many a-tale about Juggalettes, Vanilla Ice, cargo shorts, meth, and what it was like to see Violent J perform without his makeup on. According to Gawker, “[ICP] have taken great pains over the last two decades to avoid being photographed without their clown make-up. Now they seem to care less.” They should; without their white-and-black face cake, everything is (more) awful.

Louis C.K…? Check out more fantastic photos from Nate “Igor” Smith here.

(via Getty Image) (Via Gawker)