Fire Up The ‘South Park’ References, It’s The ‘World Of Warcraft’ Honest Trailer

“From the company who never met a game they couldn’t postpone, comes a more effective form of teenage abstinence than acne, sex ed, and the catholic church combined, World of Warcraft.”

You have our curiosity, Honest Trailers.

“Enter the land of Azeroth, a world so vast you could microwave a thousand hot pockets before you’d seen it all.”

And now you have our attention.

If you haven’t gathered, the Honest Trailer just released by Smosh Games and Screenjunkies takes on the addictive MMORPG goodness (evil?) that is World Of Warcraft. Which will you choose: real world or Warcraft? Choose wisely, or you could end up like this guy.

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Via Smosh Games