Honest Trailers Infects ‘Resident Evil’

The Resident Evil franchise is beloved, despite recent entries. Also despite the original, as Honest Trailers so hilariously illustrates.

This is, of course, to celebrate Capcom putting out yet another HD remaster of the original game, rather than a Resident Evil game you’d like to play. And I’ve got to admit, this trailer hits on every reason I didn’t care about the franchise until the fourth one — which is probably getting remastered as we speak — came along. The fact that they announce the cast as “Nominees For Worst Voice Acting In A Video Game” really says it all. But before that, they get their shots in at the competence or lack thereof of S.T.A.R.S., the movie franchise, the terrible controls, and the fact that we can’t get a frickin’ next-gen Mega Man game unless somebody quits and fires up a Kickstarter.

It is, of course, all in good fun and done with affection. Except for that voice acting. Really, it’s kind of amazing this game was ever a hit. So, hey, drop $20 on the remake!