Howard Stern Suggests That It’s His ‘Civic Duty’ To Run Against Trump In 2024: ‘There’s No Way I’d Lose’

Riding high off the media coverage for his brutal takedown of Aaron Rodgers, a playfully cocky Howard Stern teased a potential 2024 presidential and boldly claimed that he’d mop the floor with Donald Trump if he actually runs again. Stern made the boast on the Tuesday episode of his SiriusXM radio show where he explained how he’d take down America’s “most winningest” president. Via Mediaite:

“I’ll beat his ass. … I think I’m going to have to do my civic duty and run for president against Trump. I would just sit there and debate and playing that f*cking clip of him f*cking tying to fix the election over and over again. There’s no way I’d lose.”

Obviously, Stern is joking around because despite the myriad of problems surrounding Trump, he has a feverishly devoted base of voters that Stern would have to contend with. Even after the January 6 attack, Republicans routinely place Trump at the top of the polls for potential 2024 presidential candidates. For all intents and purposes, Trump is still the face of the GOP.

Of course, poking at fires is Stern’s specialty. The shock jock recently went to war with Joe Rogan, who has a rabid legion of online followers with a concerning amount of free time on their hands. (Not unlike the MAGA crowd.) However, that didn’t stop Stern from telling Rogan to “go f*ck yourself” after he tested positive for COVID, yet continued to spread misinformation about the vaccine.

(Via Mediaite)