Grown Man Allegedly Murdered Hedge Fund-Manager Father Over $200 Allowance Cut

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01.06.15 25 Comments

The adult son of a millionaire Manhattan hedge fund founder has been charged with murdering his father — over a slight reduction to his $3,000/month allowance.

Thomas Gilbert Jr., 30, allegedly entered his parents home carrying a gun and asked his mother to fetch him a sandwich. Shortly after she left the room, he shot his father in the head.

The story of the murder is horrific on its own, but it’s so much worse when you throw in the son’s alleged motive. Says the New York Post:

“He was cutting his allowance. He had been giving him $2,400 a month for rent and $600 for spending money, and he was cutting that to $400 a month for spending money,” a source said about Thomas Gilbert Sr., founder of the Wainscott Capital hedge fund.

Gilbert Jr. surrendered at his home late Sunday evening and faces multiple charges, including murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

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