The Insane Details Of How An Identical Twin Allegedly Murdered Her Sister

When it comes to wild and sordid tales, this one has to hit near the top of the list. As Gabriella Paiella puts it over at NYMag, we’ll be robbed if this doesn’t become a Lifetime movie. Alexandria and Anastasia Duval, also known as Alison and Ann Dadow, were twin sisters who went across the country as fledgling yoga personalities with a very sketchy business history. The past tense is in play here because Alexandria has been charged with second-degree attempted murder for killing her sister by driving off a cliff:

Alexandria Duval appeared in a Wailuku courtroom Monday on a second-degree attempted murder charge, her arm in a sling but, surprisingly, able to walk. She is currently being held without bail.

Newly released court documents reveal more bizarre twists to an already shocking incident, including witness accounts that the two women were “screaming and arguing with each other,” and “the passenger was pulling at the driver’s hair and the steering wheel.”

Maui firefighters and police responded to the Puuiki area, about 4 miles south of Hana at 4:42 p.m., Sunday, May 29, after the SUV went over the makai shoulder directly across St. Peter Catholic Mission Church.

Rescue crews had to manually pry the sisters from the vehicle as it lay on lava rock surrounded by water.

By itself, the death would seem like a tragic accident. But given the rest of the story, it is an almost expected ending for the story of twins who became infamous for their run-ins with the law across the nation. NYMag dives into this a bit, showing that their business history is riddled with underhanded dealings and dark escapes on the edge of town:

For starters, Alexandria and Anastasia Duval aren’t even their real or legal names — until their recent move to Hawaii, they were known as Alison and Ann Dadow. (They will henceforth be referred to by their legal names.) In 2011, the sisters, who are originally from Utica, New York, opened a yoga studio called Twin Power Yoga in West Palm Beach, Florida, and quickly became a fixture of a local South Florida gossip site. In 2014, the Dadows abruptly shut down their studio and disappeared without paying their staff or refunding memberships.

They then went to Utah to open another yoga studio, ending in bankruptcy, and even had a few run-ins with the law — the mugshots below are from the Utah inmate registry:

It’s truly a wild and odd ride that ends with a plunge from a cliff. Almost as if they read that they were considered “infamous” and decided to live up to the term. You can read more about their history over here, but be sure to take a break. Too much twin magic can be a bad thing.

(Via NYMag / KHON 2 / Honolulu Star Advertiser)