It Sure Looks Like A Lot Of People (Even Ivanka?!) Are Flipping On Donald Trump And Throwing Him Under The Bus To Prosecutors

As Donald Trump‘s legal troubles continue to mount, the former president has reportedly been tormented by the fear of two things: Wearing a prison jumpsuit and people flipping on him. That last one appears to be happening with increased frequency.

According to a legal expert, Ivanka Trump‘s actions are looking more and more like she’s working with New York Attorney General Letitia James in her father’s fraud case, which already saw a devastating ruling leveled against the male Trumps. Ivanka is being called as a witness, and that could be a significant sign, Michigan attorney Jamie White told Newsweek:

“Letitia James is potentially hoping for the best, and perhaps Ivanka might be cooperating to some level,” said White. “I don’t think it’s a frivolous subpoena. But we can’t rule out that Trump may have told his daughter, do what you’ve got to do.

“This is a unique turn of events, and as a general matter, we know experienced prosecutors do not bring people to be witnesses only for the purposes of having them take the 5th. The fact that she was originally a defendant and is now being called as a witness—that usually indicates some form of cooperation.”

White further elaborated why calling Ivanka as a witness just to plead the fifth doesn’t make sense given the circumstances of the case.

“The idea that they’re just calling her randomly, it would be unusual and a waste of prosecutors’ resources if she takes the 5th,” White explained. “That’s because there’s no jury to impress, no media to impress—they simply have to establish damages at this point in the proceedings. That’s the only real question, and she may have that information.”

Meanwhile, in Georgia, CNN reports that prosecutors have informed the judge that they are prepared to offer Sidney “The Kraken” Powell a plea deal. However, the conditions of that deal have not been disclosed, but Powell’s defense will be presented with the offer soon.

As a key member of Trump’s legal “Strike Force,” Powell was on the front lines with Rudy Giuliani pushing the former president’s “Big Lie.” In exchange for their loyalty, both attorneys were slapped with RICO charges in the Georgia indictment.

(Via Newsweek, CNN)