Ivanka Trump’s Greenhouse-Gas And Stock-Market Celebratory Tweets Aren’t Going Over As Planned

Weeks after White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump’s ironic celebration tweet about Alaska being called for Donald Trump, she’s still tweeting in the wrong direction. Given that she’s not too able to read the room and has prolifically tweeted as such lately, one wonders if she’s affected by all the speculation out there (and reports about her being an alleged fart-blamer) on what she’ll do after her father leaves the White House in January.

If Ivanka’s concerned about the election results, she’s not showing it. Today, she’s claiming some sort of success (?) on behalf of her father’s administration in a few ways. First, she tweeted, “FACT: Greenhouse gases generated by the U.S. will slide 9.2% this year, tumbling to the lowest level in at least three decades.”

It’s already a bizarre claim in light of the Trump Administration withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, and then there’s the horrific context to consider. No one can ignore the fact that this “slide” could only have taken place because humans are largely grounded (from flying, and from a lot of driving) by the pandemic. Travel, both on the business and leisure fronts, hasn’t been possible for most Americans for much of the year, so it only makes sense that we aren’t emitting as many greenhouse gasses. The reasons for this “success” are actually tragic, as some pointed out.

Shortly after the greenhouse-gas tweet, Ivanka chose to celebrate the stock market reaching 30,000 for the first time in U.S. history.

The president also gave a strange, one-minute briefing to that effect, calling this “a sacred number.” He added, “It’s the ninth time since the beginning of 2020, and it’s the 48th time that we’ve broken records during the Trump administration. I just wanted to congratulate all the people within the administration that worked so hard.”

Trump left the room without acknowledging reporters’ questions about when he will concede to Joe Biden. The stock-market rise did coincide with news that the GSA would release transition funding to Team Biden. And as The Recount illustrated with a Twitter video, a reporter could be heard describing Trump’s remarks as “weird as sh*t.”

Here’s how Twitter responded to Ivanka’s stock-marketing.

Maybe it’s time for Ivanka to concede to a Twitter break.