Ivanka Trump Is Apparently Being Trolled With ‘Not Wanted’ Posters In New York City

When Donald Trump leaves the White House in January, he’ll take his family with him. That includes senior advisor son-in-law and senior advisor daughter, Ivanka, who’s not looking fantastic on joint father-daughter tax issues, and what will happen with that drama is TBD. Ivanka seems kinda oblivious to reality, though, while issuing not well-received tweets on greenhouse gas “victories” (which had a tragic cause, along with the unavoidable reality that her dad pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord) and stock market “celebrations” (which had everything to do with Joe Biden confidence from the market). She’s very obviously tweeting in the wrong direction on most days, and where shall she go next year? Probably not New York City.

Billboards from the Lincoln Project have already warned Ivanka and Jared that they aren’t welcome in Manhattan, and the New York Times has tipped the pair for setting up shop in New Jersey, given the well-documented anti-Trump sentiment running through the Big Apple, where Donald still technically owns tons of real estate, including Trump Tower. (Dad will probably head to Mar-a-Lago in Florida instead? Or, you know, Russia, if things get really hairy, legally.)

According to this tweet from The Good Liars (comedic duo Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler), the anti-Ivanka-and-Jared campaign has reached street level with these “Not Wanted”-style posters.

The Good Liars is, um, enjoying this era in U.S. history. They’ve already snapped up a domain name for the future.

Meanwhile, Kushner is flying to Saudi Arabia this week amid rising tensions over the assassination of Iran nuclear program head Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Kushner is expected to (attempt to) broker a deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel? Oh boy.

As for Ivanka? Still tweeting.

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