Ivanka Trump’s Suggestion For A Thanksgiving Table Decoration Is Driving Everyone Mad

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11.18.17 11 Comments

What is that? Seriously, what does that giant clam stuffed with fake artsy pumpkins and forest floor refuse look like to you? If “something to decorate the Thanksgiving dinner table” crossed your mind, then you might be an employee at Ivanka Trump HQ, the eldest Trump daughter‘s designer brand. On Thursday evening, the company’s official Twitter account posted the above photo with the caption, “Have no idea how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Problem solved.” A linked blog post details the pictured centerpiece, which is most assuredly “beyond the conventional cornucopia.”

Despite all the thought and interior design ingenuity that evidently went into the Thanksgiving table decoration, however, Twitter can be a fickle place to share such things — especially when they’re shared by Ivanka Trump’s personal brand. Hence why, amid the dizzying array of sexual assault and harassment stories in the current news cycle, social media finally latched onto what stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt dubbed the “Blair Witch’s toilet” and ran with it. Which, considering precisely what Ivanka Trump HQ is evidently telling its followers to put on their dinner tables this Thanksgiving, just might be a sign of madness.

Then again, considering the number of H.P. Lovecraft references the odd centerpiece inspired, maybe that’s where we’re truly headed.

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