Ivanka Trump May Have Bizarrely Cropped Donald Jr.’s Fiancée Out Of A Photo From Tiffany’s MAGA Wedding

Tiffany Trump’s wedding to Michael Boulos (they met at Lindsay Lohan’s beach club) was supposedly a “joyous family occasion.” But it’s hard to believe that’s true when “cranky” Donald is puttering around Mar-a-Lago, where the ceremony was held, in a huff, and Melania is in IDGAF mode. It also didn’t help that Tiffany’s half-sister, Ivanka, cut Donald Jr.’s shout-y fiancée out of a wedding photo. What a web, these Trumps weave.

The Daily Mail reports that Ivanka “[cropped] her brother’s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle out of photos” from the MAGA funeral, I mean, happy wedding. “All of the family members were in pastel-colored or gold dresses, except for Guilfoyle, 53, who stood out in black.”

The full photo showed, from left to right, Tiffany’s sister-in-law, Lara; her mother, Marla Maples; the bride; her stepmother, Melania; her half-sister, Ivanka; and Guilfoyle. But Don Jr’s wife-to-be was nowhere to be seen in the version of the pic on social media.

A source (Jared Kushner in a Groucho Marx-style-mustache, probably) told the British tabloid that Ivanka and Kimberly are “very close,” and that “when Ivanka realized what had happened, she immediately reposted the photo.” And yet it’s still up on Twitter.

Ivanka did not delete the original post or story, which she followed up with some footage of the former President giving her some golf lessons, simply posting the original photo on her Instagram stories four hours later.

Donald Trump responded to the slight on Truth Social by… completely ignoring it.

(Via the Daily Mail)