‘You’re A Fake News P***y’: Things Escalated Quickly Between CNN’s Jake Tapper And Trump Advisor Jason Miller

Jake Tapper isn’t afraid to call out Trump associates (like perpetual liar Kaleigh McEnany) for their shenanigans, and on Sunday afternoon, he nailed Trump campaign advisor Jason Miller to the wall. The CNN anchor had spent part of the weekend covering the audio footage of Donald Trump begging Georgia officials to rig the election in his favor, and Miller stepped in, only to be smacked hard by Tapper.

Long story short, Miller appeared to question the validity of the footage (due to him only being able to find part of it?), and Tapper pointed him toward the complete audio file. Tapper then added, “[A]nd while I have your attention pay your child support”

Tapper was referring to Miller’s paternity-involved saga related to a lawsuit filed by former Trump campaign staffer A.J. Delgado. In 2020, the Huffington Post reported that the campaign concealed payments to Miller when he became embroiled in legal proceedings to determine the amount of child support that Miller was required to pay. If true, the presumed intent by the campaign would be to protect Miller from having income factored into child support calculations, and Miller was previously called out on Twitter by Rep. Eric Stalwell (D-CA) on the issue: “Kids shouldn’t go hungry because Dad is a deadbeat.”

Well, Miller was incensed over Tapper bringing up the subject and responded, “You’re a fake news p***y, Jake. I’d like to see you say that to my face.”

Just a hunch here: Tapper would probably have no problem saying what he said directly to Miller’s face. People on Twitter appear to be here for it, too, if it happens.