Kayleigh McEnany Was Exposed As A Liar By CNN’s Jake Tapper After Spouting Nonsense On Fox News

Over the weekend, CNN’s Jake Tapper echoed Don Lemon’s “carnival of lies” comments about Kayleigh McEnany, criticizing the White House Press Secretary for “[telling] lies the way that most people breathe.” He also said that she “can’t acknowledge reality.” McEnany replied to Tapper’s comments by tweeting, “I do not lie,” which itself was a lie. The lying didn’t stop there, either: the pearl-clutcher went on Fox News on Monday to continue to spread baseless (a.k.a. bullsh*t — sorry to swear) claims of election fraud.

“This happened in the places that needed to happen, which is why the four metros, the only four, where Joe Biden outperformed Hillary Clinton were Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Detroit,” said McEnany above a chyron that read “The Fight for Election Integrity.” Soon after the clip went viral, Tapper tweeted, “The National Review’s @baseballcrank had a comprehensive fact check about this long-debunked lie.” It reads:

Biden improved his margin of victory compared to Hillary in 31 out of 36 urban counties — and Philadelphia was one of the five in which he didn’t. In 29 of the cities, the Democratic margin of victory grew on a percentage basis. Of the twelve cities in which Biden overperformed Hillary by enough that his margin of victory grew by 10 percent or more (as a percentage of the 2016 electorate), only one (Atlanta) was in a swing state, and one other (Omaha) in a swing district. Biden’s improvements in Milwaukee and Detroit were distinctly subpar, and in Detroit, Trump improved his own share of the vote enough to be the first Republican to break 30 percent of the vote in Wayne County, Mich., in 32 years.

Now that’s how you subtweet someone.

(Via the Daily Beast)