James Deen Defends Himself Against Stoya’s ‘Egregious Claims’ As More Allegations Arise


Warning: This post contains graphic material and descriptions of violent acts, which could disturb some readers.

On Saturday evening, the adult film world was astonished by Stoya’s accusations against James Deen. The two actors previously dated, and Stoya alleged in a set of tweets that he raped her. She had tired of Deen’s outward appearance as a feminist (which may have been aided by his “boy next door” air), and she could no longer simply “nod and smile” at the mention of his name. Two of Deen’s previous girlfriends, Christy Mack and Joanna Angel, stepped up for Stoya, as did voices far and wide with the #solidaritywithstoya hashtag. Surely, Dean’s own tendency to crack rape jokes doesn’t look good.

One of many lingering questions in the accusations’ wake revolves around how the this could affect the adult film industry. That remains to be seen and will likely play out over a long period of time. In the immediate aftermath, The Frisky announced that they have pulled Deen’s sex advice column. Joanna Angel declined to speak directly on the matter, but she tweeted that Deen is “literally the worst person I’ve ever met.”

On Monday, a large column from The Daily Beast detailed Deen’s alleged history, including claims from adult film star Sydney Leathers. She says Angel warned her about Deen: “She told me when I first got into the business that I should avoid him; that he has boundary issues, basically that he tries to break women. I took it to mean that he is dangerous.”

Leathers did not make specific accusations against Dean, but actress Ashley Fires did level allegations, saying she will not work with Deen. “The reason I put him on my ‘no list’ was because he almost raped me.” Fires also added that Deen “once [walked ]into the green room at Kink [studios], picks up Jessie Cox like a caveman, grabs her by the hair, and takes her off somewhere … and I can only imagine.”