WSJ Columnist Questions Chivalrous Acts Of Aurora Shootings, Is Probably A Horrible Boyfriend

Last night, after reading about the three men who died shielding their girlfriends from bullets in the Aurora, Colorado shootings, Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto appeared to openly question on Twitter whether or not the girls whose lives were saved were worthy of such selfless male chivalry, proving once again that Twitter is a weapon of self-destruction when operated by people who can’t control the impulse to share thoughts that are best kept private.

I can only assume that Taranto is a disciple of the George Costanza philosophy on chivalry, one that holds that the concept of protecting women and children first in dangerous situations is an antiquated notion.

Ladies, whatever you do, if you somehow find yourself engaged to James Taranto, don’t lick the wedding invitations.

Thanks for the tip, Ufford!

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