This Japanese Man Recounts His Harrowing Survival From A Bear Attack By Using Karate

Humans know karate. Bears do not. (Or dear god, we hope not.) As long as we hold this advantage over our furry frenemies, we have a chance in a human vs. bear tussle. At least, that’s the blind optimism we’re wringing out of this amazing story of survival from Japan.

63-year-old fisherman and apparent badass Atsushi Aoki found himself relying on his black belt training to survive a mauling at the hands/paws of an Asian Black Bear. According to Japan Today, the scary encounter was an unprovoked attack that left Aoki suffering injuries his head, arm and leg. Aoki and his massive stones would elect to take the bear on under his own terms (well, based on the options available) and adopted a fighting stance against his unlikely opponent.

“I thought it’s either ‘I kill him or he kills me,’” Aoki told broadcaster NHK.

Thankfully for both parties, that outcome didn’t come into being. Aoki jabbed the bear in the eyes and his attacker was sent rushing into the woods. See? No death! The injured fisherman would drive to the hospital to receive medical treatment and even had the presence of mind to bring his caught fish with him. That makes sense. You wouldn’t want the last mammal who fought you to enjoy all your delicious seafood. That’d be grounds for a rematch.

Full points to Aoki for living Andy Dwyer’s fantasy of fighting off a bear using karate. May our bear pals never learn any martial arts.

(Via BroBible)