Two Congressmen Got Into A Shouting Match Over Masks Outside The House Floor, And Their Angry Tweets Are Flying

If you expected every member of the House of Representatives to be calm and collected, even in opposition, regarding the freshly reinstated mask mandates (in the face of rising Delta cases), you’d be sadly wrong. Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert reportedly threw a mask before she popped onto Twitter to call Nancy Pelosi’s mandate “totalitarian.” And that’s not the end of the animosity. As reported by CNN congressional reporter Daniella Micaela, Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) and Rep. Byron Daniels (R-FL) got into “a yelling fight outside the House floor” on Wednesday.

This report quickly reached “confirmed” status when the two colleagues began tweet-firing at each other. On one hand, it’s great that no more legwork was required to confirm. On the other, well, two elected officials began sh*t-posting at each other, which says a lot about the ongoing state of politics.

“I just had to take a different elevator,” Huffman tweeted. “[B]ecause an unvaccinated, defiantly unmasked GOP colleague doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone but himself.”

And Donalds had a comeback. “Adding @JaredHuffman to the growing list of privileged liberals patronizing me for being a free-thinking American,” he tweeted while adding an infamous GIF (that of Kobe Bryant unflinchingly taking on Matt Barnes’ basketball-toward-the-face move) for humorous effect. “Mind your business; I said what I said.”

Huffman was in no mood to mind his own business because of, well, all the reasons why not wearing a mask can detrimentally affect other people.

Donalds stood firm. “The real epidemic in America is liberals continuing to tell free people how to think,” he insisted. “Jared, mind your business and I’ll mind mine.”

It’s 2021, not 1918 (although it kind-of is), and people still act like wearing a mask to protect others is the most onerous ask in the entire universe.