Jared And Ivanka Finally Dared Show Their Faces In Public Again For The First Time Since The Trump Presidency Ended In Disgrace

Jared and Ivanka wanted to have it both ways. They wanted to live it up as royalty, traipsing about high society events. They also wanted to profit off the fruits of her father’s destructive labor. They wanted powerful positions in a much-despised administration, from which they could reap extra benefits, and they wanted to be big time New Yorkers who sold popular fashion wares. And they got away with it for a lot longer than they should have, only finally becoming persona non grata after her dad helped foment a deadly riot.

Since the disastrous end of Donald Trump’s presidency, Jared and Ivanka have been laying low, spending most of their time in Miami, making very few public appearances. But apparently they figured just shy of 11 months was long enough: As per The Hollywood Reporter, they finally dared show their faces in public again.

Where’d the porcelain doll pair go? To a fashion show, of course. On Tuesday, Jared and Ivanka were spotted in the front row of a Louis Vuitton show in Miami, which also featured such names as Ye, Kim Kardashian West, Pharrell Williams, Bella Hadid, and more. It wasn’t just any Louis Vuitton show; it was presented in “loving memory” to Virgil Abloh, the designer and Ye collaborator who suddenly died on Sunday at the age of 41.

It’s not the first time the one of them, at least, has been seen in public. In March, shortly after the Capitol siege, Ivanka volunteered at a Farmers to Families Food Box distribution site in Florida. She helped distribute more than 1,300 food boxes and she posted about it on Instagram — one of her rare social media posts since her father tried to overturn an election he lost by over seven million votes.

For months people have speculated when, or if, the pair would resurface in public, having long enjoyed the limelight. Perhaps they see this as baby steps. But perhaps if they try for something bigger — such as daring to return to New York City, whose denizens despise them almost as much as they despise former president Donald Trump — it will only end in tears.

Indeed, last November, after Ivanka’s father lost re-election — but before he made lying about voter fraud a potential grift — The New York Times spoke with fashion designer Batsheva Hay, who surmised that it would be tough for Ivanka to re-enter the scene. “The fashion world is pretty ready to shun her,” Hay said. “No one is going to lend Ivanka clothing — she’ll have to buy it covertly at retail.”

Now Ivanka at least has a foot back in the door. But perhaps it will still shut on her again and she’ll get the privilege of living out the ending of Dangerous Liaisons.

(Via THR)