Jeb Bush Would Like You To Know That He Would Kill The Hell Out Of Baby Hitler

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Why he didn’t bust up Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show to claim some of his 12 minutes of free NBC airtime to make such an announcement is beyond me, but former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is coming out strong on the question of whether or not he would kill baby Hitler… you know, just in case that winds up being one of the deciding issues of the 2016 Election. Quizzed about the weirdest emails he has received on Huffington Post’s ’16 and President series (as opposed to the 16 and President MTV reality show that is a constitutional amendment and a teen sensation away from feasibility), Bush didn’t just say, “Yeah,” when asked. He said, “Hell yeah, I would […] you gotta step up, man.”

Before you spin yourself into a tizzy about the dangers of messing with the past and how The Butterfly Effect is an underrated gem, know that Jeb has seen the Back to the Future films, he knows what’s up and he’s still willing to potentially shake up existence and put a crack in the ass of time to choke out the infant version of history’s most evil man. You know why? Because it’s an entirely theoretical question without actual weight. But also, because if there is one thing that Jeb Bush believes, it is that he can fix anything. Even a rift in the fabric of the universe and flying time demons. So, gas up the time wagon, Jean-Claude Van Damme, it looks like you’ve got a new Time Cop partner!

Or not.

Source: HuffPo