Two Jeep Drivers Demonstrate The Perfect Way To Exact Revenge On Someone Parked Like A Jerk

Two things before we get started here. Yes, this video is almost definitely fake. You can tell by the terrible acting of the Mercedes driver, who throws his arms in the air and shouts something probably along the lines of, “Curse these Jeep drivers! Look at what they have wrought!” and then kicks each Jeep’s front tire in overly dramatic fashion. Also, as our friends at BroBible point out, the parking lot was like 70 percent empty (give or take) in the first place. As long as someone isn’t taking up valuable parking real estate, however they want to park is fine by me.

But if history has taught us anything, it’s that people love stories about Jeep owners, and specifically Jeep owners who teach luxury car owners valuable lessons about not parking like an asshole … So IN THEORY, this would be a pretty good prank to pull on someone. I can say from personal experience as someone who previously owned a Ford Focus hatchback with two broken door handles (American made engineering!), that there is no greater humiliation than having to access your own vehicle through the trunk. On the plus side, at least this guy didn’t happen to be wearing a skirt at the time because trust me when I say it can get worse.

(Via BroBible)