‘Can I Put My Pants On First?’ Trump Stooge Jeffrey Clark Was Caught With His Pants Down—Literally—When Police Raided His Home

Neighbors of former acting assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark got quite an eyeful recently when the Department of Justice conducted an early-morning raid on the alleged Donald Trump loyalist’s Virginia home. As Raw Story reports, CNN’s Hannah Rabinowitz obtained bodycam footage of authorities arriving to execute a search warrant and catching Clark in nothing but a dress shirt and pair of boxers.

CNN’s Erin Burnett broadcast the footage on Thursday night, which shows an officer with the DOJ’s Office of Inspector General introducing herself and informing Clark that she and her team are there to execute a search warrant on his home, then asking him to immediately step outside. Though he’s pants-less, Clark’s first concern is whether he can call his lawyer. When he’s told that he can, but only once he steps outside, Clark—whose former colleagues recently testified that he was totally game to use the power of the DOJ to help Trump overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election if appointed Acting AG, and painted him as kind of an idiot—seems to realize that he’s in his undies and pathetically asks, “Can I put pants on first?”

The answer to that question was also a big N-O, but officers promised to place him behind his car so that no one would see him. Well, no one except for the bodycam that was pointed directly at his half-naked body and the millions of people who have since seen the footage. According to Burnett, “officials seized a number of electronic devices from Clark during that early-morning raid. Officers also dispatched an electronics-sniffing dog to search Clark’s house.”

Given Clark’s alleged eagerness to help Trump dismantle democracy as we know it in exchange for a tiny taste of power, getting caught with your pants down—and in the other room—for all the world to see seems like a fair tradeoff.

You can watch Burnett’s full report above.

(Via Raw Story)