Jenna Jameson Asked 4chan To Find Someone For Her. 4chan’s Response: ‘T*ts Or GTFO’

4chan is the modern-day equivalent of a private dick, in every sense of the term. The only difference being, 4chan doesn’t want money — they want tits or GTFO. Porn star Jenna Jameson asked the infamous /b/ imageboard for help on Friday night: she wanted to find her former-personal assistant who, according to the Daily Dot, “had accessed her social media accounts and deleted her photos.” They agreed to help, so long as, well, tits or GTFO.


Subtle poster. Anyway, the hunt began, and 4chan “quickly tracked down the ex-assistant’s address, last four digits of his social security number, and his credit score.” That’s all Jenna needed. As a thank-you to her pantless Philip Marlowes, she uploaded this photo, with the giant poster still strategically in-frame.

The black box on her butt covers up her “Heart Breaker” tattoo, which I assume is a reference to all the Tom Petty-filmed pornos Jenna has made over the years. Who could forget Here Cums My Girl?

(4chan via the Daily Dot)