Watch Jennifer Lawrence Lip Sync And Dance Like A Crazy Person In This Deleted 'American Hustle' Scene

Yes, this New York Daily News video is auto play, but you didn’t come here to not watch Jennifer Lawrence’s deleted scene from American Hustle where she lip syncs Santana’s “Evil Ways” pretty much in its entirety while doing her version of the Sloppy Swish during the guitar solos, did you?

Those of you that have seen American Hustle most certainly remember J Law’s abbreviated lip sync/dance session to Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Live and Let Die” that actually made the theatrical cut. Well, David O. Russell had the internet’s muse doing longer renditions to at least one more song and now it’s part of Blu-Ray and DVD extras.

I’d like to think they spent an entire day just shooting these scenes over and over again with Jennifer Lawrence tackling the Stones, and then Stevie Wonder, and then maybe some Deep Purple if they found the time and that kid on the couch was permanently stuck there. I mean, I think we’d all be much more likely to purchase Blu-ray of that footage.

In the end the real takeaway from all of this is that a Jennifer Lawrence-Paul Rudd lip synch battle needs to happen immediately. For charity. Every charity. All the world’s problems would be solved.

Entertainment Tonight via New York Daily News