Why You’d Never Want To Date Jerry On ‘Seinfeld’

11.16.15 4 years ago

Even if you’ve only seen two episodes of Seinfeld, chances are Jerry was dating a different girl in each episode. And if you’ve watched the show in reruns on a near continuous loop since the ’90s, then you know that he’s snagged more women than anybody in the history of moving pictures. Seriously, Jerry Seinfeld’s ability to garner attraction from the opposite sex makes James Bond look like a junior high dweeb.

Just how does Jerry manage to get all of these ladies? Sure, he’s a moderately successful comedian with his own apartment in New York City, but a sense of humor and one-bedroom pad will only take you so far. While Jerry may have landed a lot of gal pals, he couldn’t be bothered to actually hang on to any of them because he’s a terrible person and an equally terrible boyfriend. Granted, a lot of Jerry’s exes had their own flaws and were understandably dumped, but many women who dated Jerry were way too good for him to begin with. We’ve already ranked Jerry’s girlfriends on the show, so now let’s investigate just what made Jerry such a terrible catch and why most of those women should consider themselves lucky they got out after one episode.

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