Jessica Chastain Had A Pretty Great Response To Her Viral Red Carpet Moment With Oscar Isaac

Over Labor Day weekend, social media fixated on a brief but intense video. It found Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, sharing a heated moment. That the video was in slo-mo made it even more of a scorcher. It gave people on Twitter the vapors, and it seems the reaction did not escape at least one of the two actors involved.

Chastain herself weighed in late Sunday night (presumably from Venice), posting a picture that bears an uncanny resemblance to what went down in Italy. It’s a still from the ‘60s TV version of The Addams Family, showing John Astin’s Gomez burying his lips in the long arm of Carolyn Jones’ Morticia.

Was that what Isaac was channeling when he grabbed his Scenes from a Marriage costar’s one arm and laid upon it a gentle kiss? Who knows! The erstwhile Llewyn Davis did, of course, voice Gomez in the animated 2019 version of The Addams Family, so it’s not unlikely.

Just a little reminder: Both actors are married, to other people. And they go way back. They met at Julliard, acted together (as marrieds) in the 2014 drama A Most Violent Year, and share the distinction of both playing X-Men villains, albeit in different movies. Their latest team up is HBO’s revamp of the classic Ingmar Bergman miniseries Scenes from a Marriage, which chronicles the slow, combative dissolution of a couple who realize they can’t be together, even as they’re in effect chained together for life.

Marriage begins its run on HBO on September 12. In the meantime, you can rewatch their red carpet moment ad nauseum.