Jimmy Kimmel Had A Field Day With The MyPillow Guy’s New Website That Will Somehow Compete With Amazon

After getting banned from Twitter for repeatedly violating the terms of service by pushing the “Big Lie” that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, Mike Lindell, the MyPillow Guy, has launched his own social media platform and an online store that won’t be subjected to “cancel culture” and will “get our free speech out there.” Naturally, both of these sites are bananas, and Jimmy Kimmel spent the opening part of his Tuesday night monologue going to town on Lindell’s latest ventures.

Kimmel made short work of Lindell’s new social media platform, FrankSpeech, which will be a safe haven for free speech, yet also a profanity free zone. “Oh great, that means kids can watch you have a full mental breakdown,” the late night host quipped.

From there, Kimmel pivoted to MyStore, which Lindell is trumpeting as a “rival to Amazon,” despite its business plan of selling a random assortment of super weird items:

Peanut brittle, naturally. Freedom flags, which are 48 percent more patriotic than regular flags. There’s a series of children’s books called “Donald the Caveman” featuring a neandrathal Donald Trump beating an elderly dinosaur with the Constitution. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are bunch of products that sound like we made them up. We didn’t.

WoofPurrfect is a pet stain remover. BleedStop stops bleeding in seconds. And my footsie a $45 sleeping bag for your feet. And for only $39.99 you could have a life-sized cardboard cutout of Mike Lindell lurking menacingly in your home. Who would buy this? I mean, besides me. Who would buy this?

Here’s the thing, Kimmel is telling the truth: His writers did not make any of these products up. Everything from “Donald the Caveman” to BleedStop is actually for sale on MyStore, and Kimmel is understandably confused by all of it.

“Why is he doing this? Why is he starting these websites?” Kimmel asked. “You’re a former crack addict who somehow made millions of dollars selling pillows. Sell pillows! Why isn’t that enough? You’re lucky you have teeth.”