Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Get Over QAnon Cultists Thinking Donald Trump Is Smart Enough To Speak In Code When He Talks About China

Followers of QAnon and totally bonkers conspiracy theories go together like peanut butter and jelly, or Putin and Trump. But Jimmy Kimmel is kind of aghast that even a group of cultists who thought JFK Jr. was all set to reemerge at a Rolling Stones concert believe that Donald Trump has the smarts to have more complicated thoughts that “Diet Coke now!”

On Tuesday night, Kimmel dug into the latest QAnon theory, which is that when President Soup-for-Brains over-pronounces “China,” as he always has, he’s actually speaking in code about Ukraine. As Kimmel pointed out, the only thing more unbelievable than this very dumb idea is that Trump would have the brains to even pull it off:

“You know how Trump has a funny way of saying the word ‘China’? Well [QAnon’s] theory is that he’s intentionally mispronouncing ‘China’ to send a secret signal to the world that COVID-19 was manufactured in Ukraine. Which is U-crazy. Apparently there’s a village in Ukraine and part of the name of the village has the word that sounds like ‘China,’ and Trump is speaking in code.

You think Donald Trump is smart enough to speak in code? This is a man who used his toilet as a paper shredder, ok. Not exactly The Riddler we’re dealing with here.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 7:00 mark.