Jimmy’s Seafood In Baltimore Eviscerated PETA Over Its Anti-Crab Campaign

08.31.18 12 months ago 8 Comments

PETA made headlines earlier this month by bringing an anti-crab public service announcement campaign to Baltimore, of all places, a city that thrives on its blue crab industry. “I’m not me, I’m meat,” proclaims the billboard situated just north of the inner Baltimore harbor, with a “cute” picture of a crab raising its claws in the air. “See the individual. Go vegan.”

Suffice to say, the billboard did not sit well with locals, who found it downright offensive. At least one Baltimore institution was not about to take this slander lying down however, and Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in the O’Donnell Heights neighborhood on the east side of the city fired back.

Soon after the billboard was erected, Jimmy’s sent PETA a cheery morning greeting, accompanied by a delicious-looking plate of steamed blue crabs, crusted in Old Bay seasoning.

PETA feebly attempted to defend itself by making the argument that no one wants to be boiled alive, but it only further instigated the crab house.

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