So, Is Joaquin Phoenix A Good/Bad Roommate? Mark Ruffalo Spilled The Goods

Do you ever stop to consider what celebrity roommates might be like together? Ben Affleck has been pretty open about feeling smothered in garbage while living with best friend Matt Damon when they were struggling actors. If you are Edi Patterson’s roommate, on the other hand, she might make you dance, but what of Joaquin Phoenix?

I’d imagine that he’s a nice quiet roommate who adores getting lost in books, so you wouldn’t have to worry about him throwing parties, which is the opposite of his shambolic and chaotic manner of public speeches. As it turns out, the Napoleon star really is a pretty great roommate.

Mark Ruffalo (who is promoting being slapped by Emma Stone in Poor Things) sat down for First We Feast’s Hot Ones with host Sean Evans, and we didn’t hear about any book-reading habits, but Joaquin sounds like a clean and considerate guy who can make some mean vegan meals:

“He’s a great cook, and he turned me on to vegan cuisine and so he would cook all the time, and he was a great roommate. He was a roommate who would be out and you’d get a text: ‘You need anything? Do you need me to pick up anything?’ The place is clean, all the dishes were washed, he’s got a great sense of humor. He was super thoughtful.”

The two were roomies during their time filming 2007’s Reservation Road. You can watch the full interview below, and the Joaquin part surfaces after 11:45 in the below video.