Joe Biden Wore A Tan Suit, And Of Course Everyone Is Making Obama-Controversy Jokes

The U.S. has been sliding into Delta chaos, and the right-wing’s focused on U.S.-Mexico border relations, so a little humor here and there might provide some necessary stress relief. Well, it’s Obama’s 60th birthday week, so what better way to put a bow on it by rocking a tan suit? That’s what Joe Biden did, nearly seven years after the outfit that actually has a Wikipedia page titled “Obama Tan Suit Controversy.” What a strange past decade this has been.

When Obama wore that notorious (and atypical for him) suit, people had a meltdown for still-unknown reasons. Even though it’s only a freaking suit, some wondered whether the “casual” color choice seemed too flippant while addressing military operations against ISIS in Syria. That suit became an unlikely cultural flashpoint, and it never made much sense. Whatever the case, Biden wore his own tan suit on Friday, and people definitely noticed.

For sure, the Biden Administration was aware of the fuss that this suit might cause. White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield referenced the positive jobs report today with this Twitter caption: “subsTANtial job growth today.”

From there, people pretended to freak out about this thing and had jokes aplenty. Some even tossed out half-serious theories about Biden trolling Fox News with his attire.

Yes, it’s very silly, but maybe we need silly these days.