Joe Johnston Wants To Make a Boba Fett Movie?

I may have been the only nerd in the world excited when Joe Johnston was announced as the director of “Captain America.” Johnston as a filmmaker is incredibly unappreciated, partially because his job is usually to step in and fix other director’s messes; if “Jurassic Park III” and “The Wolfman” are kind of bad, it’s not really Johnston’s fault. Especially since “The Rocketeer” and “October Sky” kicked so much ass.

Which is why Johnston, who early in his career worked on all three “Star Wars” movies, is currently leaning on his good buddy George to let him make a Boba Fett movie.

That squealing you heard was the collective cry of joy from Unfortunately, it’s just something Johnston wants to do, not something set in stone, but we can certainly dream, dream of a Star Wars movie made in modern age that doesn’t totally suck. Ahhhh, such a happy world that is.

[ via the hunter bounties at Blastr ]