Someone Apparently Hired A Skywriter To Tell Los Angeles Joe Rogan Is ‘Literally 5 Foot 3’

UFC 263 was more or less the talk of the sports world on Saturday night, but ringside commentator Joe Rogan had his own headlines to deal with in Los Angeles as well. Apparently someone paid a skywriter to call out his height over one of the most populous cities in the United States, bewildering people who noticed it and going viral online in the process.

The puffy writing appeared over Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon and was captured by a number of people taking photos and videos. Apparently the phrase “Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3” was displayed over the skies, and no one seemed to know why. Also, a letter was missing in the word “literally.”

Making it all that much weirder, the whole thing was apparently part of a marriage proposal. Someone asked a “Mollie Pratt” by name to marry them, then had the message about Rogan on the end of it.

TMZ estimated that the skywriting may have cost “upwards” of $10,000, a pretty hefty price for an engagement and also a way to call out Rogan. No one seems to know why he was included in the message, but it could be related to his podcast where he’s hosted conspiracy theorists and Proud Boys and expressed anti-vaccine rhetoric in recent months. In any case as many said online, it’s certainly a level of pettiness that’s aspirational at best for most people not also trying to get engaged on a Saturday afternoon.