Joe Scarborough Comes For Tucker Carlson And Laura Ingraham After They Mocked Capitol Police Over The Jan. 6 Riot

Joe Scarborough had strong word for Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson who both mocked the testimonies of Capitol Police officers following the January 6 commission hearing. During Wednesday’s episode of Morning Joe, the MSNBC host called out the entire Fox News network for claiming to support the police while devoting a portion of its programs to tearing down the officers who described the violence and racial slurs, which they experienced while being attacked by Donald Trump supporters in the Capitol building.

Via Raw Story:

“I’m going to say, any good American that respects law enforcement, that respects men and women in blue, any good American would have been moved by what they saw yesterday, and if they instead went on and mocked the service of those men who were nearly beaten to death for simply trying to protect their country because so much was on the line on that day, then accountability, I guess, at the end of the day goes to those people and those corporate boards that allow people like that on television. It’s a disgrace to America. It’s a disgrace to the networks that they’re members of. It’s a disgrace to all of us that people like that mock the service of the men in blue who protected us in the middle of a constitutional crisis.”

“You’re listening to anybody mocking the service of these cops, you just know, they’re not good Americans,” Scarborough said towards the end of the segment.

His remarks are in reference to Ingraham and Carlson shamelessly mocking Capitol Police officers’ testimonies on Tuesday. For her part, Ingraham jokingly handed out awards for “Best Exaggerated Performance” and “Best Political Performance” while watching the officers tearfully described being attacked during the insurrection. Meanwhile, Carlson laughed at some of the officers’ statements and quipped, “It’s not Fallujah.”

(Via Raw Story)