‘Desperation Is The Worst Cologne’: John Fetterman Lit Up Dr. Oz During His First Post-Stroke TV Interview

After John Fetterman spent most of the summer relentlessly trolling Dr. Oz on social media, the Pennsylvania senate race took a nasty turn when the TV doctor’s campaign attacked Fetterman for having a stroke. It was a low point in Oz’s already humiliating campaign that was reeling from Fetterman capitalizing on Oz’s ridiculously bad grocery shopping video. In fact, just this week, Oz seemed to throw his staff under the bus for the stroke comments by telling a radio show, “The campaign’s been saying lots of things. My position is — I can only speak to what I’m saying.”

Despite Oz’s palpable uncomfortableness, the issue of Fetterman’s stroke is continuing to be brought up by his campaign. After Fetterman recently turned down a debate invitation because he’s having intermittent issues with “auditory processing,” Oz’s campaign released a sarcastic statement offering to “pay for any additional medical personnel he might need to have on standby.”

It was yet another crack at Fetterman’s stroke, but the PA lieutenant governor was quick to fire back. During his first national TV interview since being hospitalized, Fetterman was candid about his lingering, yet improving health issues and eager to tear apart Oz. “Desperation is the worst cologne,” he told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle before calling out Oz for trying to distance himself from his campaign’s remarks.

Via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“[The Oz campaign] figured out that, you know, let’s appeal to folks that get their jollies making fun of a stroke dude,” Mr. Fetterman added. “And again, if that’s your story, tell it the way you got to. But he really should own those words, and he just acknowledges that, as a doctor, you are going around making fun of somebody that had a stroke.”

Meanwhile, someone called in a favor with Donald Trump. Following reports that the former president has been privately telling people that Oz is going to “f*cking lose,” Trump pumped up Oz during a recent radio interview and ridiculed Fetterman for not agreeing to a debate, according to Mediaite.

“The guy, if you look at his past, I mean, he’s out, he’s into the world of communism,” Trump said. “His past is terrible. And I think Oz is gonna do very well. He’s coming up. He’s a good — actually he’s very energetic. He’s all over the place.”

(Via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)