Trump Is Reportedly Freaking Out That His Hand-Picked Candidate Dr. Oz Will ‘F*cking Lose’ To John Fetterman

As Dr. Oz continues to get relentlessly pummeled by John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania senate race, Donald Trump is reportedly doing what he does best: Running away from any situation that doesn’t involve winning. Despite backing Oz and giving him a very narrow win in the Republican primary, the former president is reportedly pulling back on his support for the TV doctor.

According to Rolling Stone, Trump is privately telling people that Oz is going to “f*cking lose,” which will be particularly humiliating because, in Trump’s eyes, Fetterman should be easy to defeat because of his recent health problems. Obviously, that’s not the case, but no one ever accused Trump of being a brilliant political scholar.

This source adds that Trump’s “view is that it would be incredibly embarrassing for Oz if he loses to ‘that guy’ because he thinks so little of [Fetterman]. He thinks Fetterman is in poorer shape than Biden and has hidden in his basement more [than Joe Biden].” (The Democratic Senate nominee has been recovering from a stroke he suffered earlier this year, shortly before winning his primary.)

Trump reportedly turning on Oz is yet another critical blow to his flailing senate campaign. On top of his crudités video getting laughed at by Tucker Carlson, Oz has been getting hammered by Fetterman at every turn. Whether it’s the aforementioned grocery store video, how many houses he owns (it’s freaking ten by the way), or the fact that the TV doctor is clearly a New Jersey resident, Oz has yet to land anything close to a blow as he continues to drop in the polls.

As much as we hate to say it, Donald Trump might actually be right about something. (It’s okay to be scared. We are, too.)

(Via Rolling Stone)