Jimmy Kimmel Made Senate Candidate (And ‘Serial Testicle Fondler’) Dr. Oz A New Campaign Ad

With Dr. Oz confirming his Pennsylvania senate run on the Republican ticket, it was only a matter of time until Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on the doctor entering the race after a well-documented career of pushing quack cures on daytime television. Oh, and also the fact that Oz doesn’t even live in the state.

“Despite living in New Jersey for the past two decades, Dr. Oz is running as a Republican in Pennsylvania where he voted this year, absentee, using his in-laws’ address,” Kimmel said. “But he promises to be the best New Jersey senator Pennsylvania has ever had.”

After showing Oz announcing his intent to run on Hannity where he promised that he “can’t be bought,” Kimmel landed a solid jab by showing a cavalcade of infomercial clips where Oz shills everything from mattresses to “miracle flower” diet pills.

“You can’t be bought when you’ve already been sold,” Kimmel quipped before turning up the heat with a “campaign ad” that the late night host said Oz is already airing in PA. Obviously, it was a spoof, but the footage was very real as Kimmel’s team edited together a string of Oz promoting penis cures and enemas as he pushed audience members around giant rectums on his daytime TV set. Very senatorial!

Wrapping the segment up, Kimmel voiced a more personal concern about Oz. “I also wonder if he’s going to make it through the vetting process because I happen to know firsthand this man is a serial testicle fondler.”

It was a random accusation until the late night host pulled out the receipt.

Dr Oz Jimmy Kimmel Testicle Fondler