John Oliver Hit Dr. Oz With A Brutal Drive-By Slam While He Trails Behind John Fetterman In A Heated Senate Race

John Oliver got in a surprise jab at Dr. Oz during the latest episode of Last Week Tonight. While going deep on the current state of mental health care, Oliver slipped a solid burn at the TV doctor and his long-documented history of medical quackery. The moment came when Oliver played a black-and-white clip of nurses being told to put makeup on female patients to “swing the balance between despair and recovery.” It was horrible advice, so naturally, it reminded Oliver of the New Jersey doctor who he once shared a studio with.

“I don’t know what is more alarming there, nurses being forced to take on the skills of a Sephora brand ambassador or the fact that “Can Makeup Cure Sad?” sounds like an episode that Dr. Oz definitely did,” Oliver quipped via HuffPost.

Of course, getting burnt alive is something Oz should be used to by now. He’s currently trailing far behind John Fetterman in Pennsylvania’s senate race thanks to a non-stop barrage of brutal social media posts highlighting the fact that Oz isn’t even from the state. Fetterman even enlisted the help of Jersey celebrities Snooki and Steven Van Zandt to help him call out the carpetbagging doctor.

The situation in PA has gotten so bad for Oz that Donald Trump has been whining to Sean Hannity about it. Trump helped Oz just barely squeak out a win in the Republican primary, but now, he’s tied to the TV doctor as he continues to get his ass handed to him on a daily basis. If there’s one thing Trump hates, it’s losing. Just ask the January 6 committee.

(Via HuffPost)