John Fetterman Keeps Adding To His All-Star Cast Of Dr. Oz Trollers, This Time Enlisting Steven Van Zandt

Democratic voters are understandably frustrated with the party’s leaders, who’ve been accused of lacking the urgency to fight the other side, of favoring “decorum” over getting results. But one Senate candidate seems to have the right idea. For months, John Fetterman, sitting lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, has been waging a brutal and brutally funny campaign against his Republican opponent Mehmet Oz. One thing he’s done is keep hammering home that Oz is a longtime New Jersey resident who only moved to the Keystone State to run for office. He’s done things like hire Snooki over Cameo to lure Oz back home. Now he’s enlisted another state legend to do the same.

On Wednesday, Steven Van Zandt — a Jersey double threat, being both a member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and a main cast member of The Sopranos — released a video in which he hammered Oz for ignoring the state he called home for so long.

“Yo, Dr. Oz! Stevie VZ here! What are you doing in Pennsylvania? Everybody knows you live in New Jersey and you’re just using your in-laws’ address over there,” said the longtime guitarist in the video. “And you do not want to mess around with John Fetterman ― trust me. You’re a little out of your league. Nobody wants to see you get embarrassed. So come on back to Jersey where you belong and we’ll have some fun, eh? We’ll go to the beach. We’ll go surfing. You know? C’mon.”

Oz’s own attempts to either own Fetterman or return fire have backfired spectacularly. All the while, Fetterman’s keeps landing blows. This jab comes only two days after Fetterman dared the millionaire former TV star to live on the criminally low federal minimum wage, which he’s said he has no interest in raising, all while claiming to be a man for the people.