John Travolta And Oliva Newton-John Reprised Their ‘Grease’ Characters For The First Time In 41 Years

John Travolta is a bit of a punching bag these days, from infamously getting Idina Menzel’s name a little wrong at the 2014 Oscars to the recent Oscar campaign for a movie no one saw or liked. But he has a mighty back catalogue. There’s always Pulp Fiction, Blow Out is now considered one of his best, and neither the death of disco nor a legendarily terrible sequel couldn’t tarnish Saturday Night Fever’s mighty rep. And, as ever, there’s Grease, the highest grossing film of 1978, and, despite being fairly polarizing, is still enough of a cultural touchstone that it was turned into one of those live musicals that become viral sensations.

Now there’s this: Travolta and his leading lady, singer-turned-thespian Olivia Newton-John, have reprised their Grease characters, Danny and Sandy, for a sing-along event in Florida on Friday.

The two went all out, donning their old clothes — she in good girl yellows, he in bad boy leather. Newton-John posted an image on her Instagram account, pointing out it was the first time they’d been in costume since they filmed it 40-plus years back. It wasn’t, of course, the last time they saw each other: The two reunited, in 1983, for the angel rom-com Two of a Kind, which did not achieve the same success as Grease (though it did outperform Grease 2).

As per Entertainment Weekly, the pair joined fans in singing along to songs like “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” “Sandy,” and “Greased Lightning.” The event, held in West Palm Beach, was the first of three “Meet n’ Grease” events, which will move to Tampa and then Jacksonville throughout the weekend.

(Via EW)