Jon Voight Recorded Another Unhinged Trump Video, And People Feel Bad For Angelina Jolie

The Trump era has divided generations more than in any time since the 1960s, but few parents-child relationships are as fraught as the one between Jon Voight and his daughter Angelina Jolie. He’s an Oscar-winning actor and former Democrat who records videos telling Trump supporters to launch a Civil War; she’s an Oscar-winning actress who actually makes the world a better place through her human rights initiatives. They don’t get along, and they haven’t for years. So when Voight recorded yet another pro-Trump video in the wake of the president’s defeat, many thought less about him and more about her.

The video comes a couple weeks after Voight released a video so deranged even right-wingers were a little appalled. It was in response to Joe Biden defeating Trump in the 2020 election, which he called a “lie,” and he then called on the outgoing president’s supporters to engage in some vague “fight,” which doesn’t sound particularly safe given how many of them have been buying guns during the pandemic. Cut to the end of the month — after Trump’s legal team has suffered dozens of defeats and failed to prove any kind of voter fraud — and he’s back.

“I’m warning you all that we’re in great danger if we fall under a Biden administration,” Voight said in another awkwardly filmed video, which features him staring at an awkward off-screen angle, with far too much headroom. But much of his focus this time was on California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has ordered lockdowns in response to exploding COVID-19 cases. “He’s a disgrace to mankind, he and his relative Nancy Pelsoi, who has tried to bring President Trump down.”

Voight did address the elephant in the room. “I’ve been attacked by my fellow peers, saying I am preaching violence,” Voight said. But he didn’t counter that argument so much as play “I know you are but what am I,” saying, “the truth is, they all are. The left are burning and destroying our cities.” (Note: The protests he’s referring to have mostly died down by this point.)

He also doubled down on his seditious talk. “We must remember who we are. We are a nation that fought the Civil War, and we won that battle,” he said. “Let’s not give up.”

Once again, Voight’s latest screed was met with a lot of online mockery, some conflating him with other Hollywood Trumpers.

And some harkened back to his older roles — and we don’t mean Midnight Cowboy or Coming Home.

But many thoughts turned to Angelina Jolie, who hopefully doesn’t check what’s trending on Twitter.