The Man With The World’s Largest Penis Complains ‘It’s Too Damn Big’ In New Music Video

Jonah Falcon, the man widely credited with having the world’s largest dong — so big that it sets off TSA red flags in airports — recorded a song about said dong. Not only that, but it appears he went to a shopping mall to make a music video, which looks something like Dean Pelton and Jeff Winger would make on a shopping date. Normally I would GIF a new music video, but this is just so hilariously bad, I didn’t even know where to start. Oh yeah, he also raps!

If you are unfamiliar with Falcon, he’s an actor who gained notoriety for his absurdly large penis when he appeared on the HBO documentary, Private Dicks: Men Exposed. Later Rolling Stone did a feature on him and UK Channel 4 followed up with a biodoc. He has also appeared on Law & Order as Juror #2 and as an extra on Melrose Place.

So yeah, Jonah gets around.